Technical and Vocational Education and Training

RODI Youth empowerment and skills transformation program aims at equipping youth with appropriate skills in agroecology, Agro-processing and Value addition, production of domestic and hygiene products, ICT, eco-construction technologies.
This enables them to engage in effective self employment, creating employment opportunities for fellow youth while contributing to national development; a sustainable solution in addressing the high levels of youth unemployment and crime.

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RODI- empowering communities and institutions in production and use of detergents for enhanced hygiene and sanitation.

With funding support from our development partners, we have managed to train and provide more than 80 (100 litres each) hand washing tanks, 3,500 litres of liquid multipurpose soap, 300 litres of sanitizer and 300 litres of disinfectant to 21 prisons and 19 community groups in Kenya.
We trust that our contribution will go a long way in supporting our beneficiaries in prisons and community groups in improving hygiene, income as well as combating COVID-19.

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RODI Kenya Ex-prisoner Reintegration interventions

RODI ex-prisoner reintegration interventions involve a through-care process where prisoners are equipped with skills while in prison to enable them to regain self-esteem, hope in life and provide means of self-support. Upon release, ex-prisoners are followed up to support them in reintegration, equip them with additional skills and provide backstoping and material support to start income generating activities. RODI strategies to social reintegration of ex-prisoners are designed to reduce the levels of recidivism.

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Technical and Vocational training

RODI is accredited by National Industrial Training Authority (NITA) to offer vocational and technical training in sustainable agriculture, agro-processing, value addition and production of hygiene products.

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Enhancing hygiene among our target beneficiaries

Keeping your hands clean is one of the important steps that you can take to avoid getting sick and spreading germs, including the Coronavirus, to others. Regular hand washing with running water and soap for 20 seconds is key.

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RODI Kenya prisoner rehabilitation intervention

RODI is accredited by National Industrial Training Authority (NITA) to offer vocational and technical training in sustainable agriculture, agro-processing and value addition and production of hygiene and domestic products.

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KIC TB Project Launch and entry meeting with National Police Service

RODI partners with Kiambu County Health Management Team and Amref Health Africa through Global Fund to implement a KIC-TB project aimed at Finding missing persons with TB in Police stations, Prisons and Companies within Kiambu County.

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Food security, nutrition, safe and healthy food

Consumption of healthy, balanced and nutritious meals is important for supporting our bodies immune function which is critical in management of various conditions including TB, HIV, COVID-19, diabetes etc. Proper nutrition also reduces the chances of developing health problems like obesity, diabetes, heart problems and some types of cancers.
RODI agro-ecology interventions to ensure communities are accessing affordable, healthy & nutritious food. Establishment of kitchen gardens has been the key strategy.

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RODI Kenya welcomes you to this website. We are pleased to inform you that this is where you will get detailed information concerning our work in Access to Justice, Restorative prisoner rehabilitation, school based life-skills development, Community empowerment, Health,Wash and Hygiene, Youth Capacity building, food security and Natural resource Management


A sustained food secure, healthy and crime free society.


To promote human dignity among communities in Kenya and other East Africa countries, through enhanced food security, health and crime prevention.


1. Food Security and Agro-ecology.
2. Social and Legal Justice.
3. Health and WASH.
4. Institutional Development


P.O Box 746-00232 Ruiru- Kenya .
Tel: +254 722307576/ 720717419. Email:


RODI markets various organic products at RODI training Centre. The products include Moringa, Stevia ,Honey, Lemon grass and others products

Training and Outreach

We offer scheduled training courses in the fields of agro-ecology, agro-processing and value addition, production of domestic and hygiene products at RODI training Centre.

Consultancy and capacity building

RODI offers consultancy and capacity building services to organisations in the areas of agro-ecology, project monitoring and evaluation, agro-processing and value addition, etc

Conference and accommodation

RODI offers Conference and accommodation services at the Training and Conference centre at affordable rates.


Social and Legal Justice


Enhancing Hygiene practices in Prison institutions towards- COVID 19 prevention

Community members training in production of domestic and hygiene products

Prisoners and prison staff training in production and domestic products

Our Partners