On 24th May , RODI Kenya took the initiative to distribute trees to various schools and community groups around Kiambu county. This initiative was undertaken under our thematic area of food security. During this initiative more than  1300 trees were distributed. This significant effort aligns with RODI Kenya’s commitment to promoting sustainable practices and empowering communities

The trees were distributed in four schools namely Joytown special school, Ikuma primary , Thara primary and Mukuyu primary.

The trees were warmly received by the teachers and students  and they appreciated the opportunity to contribute to a greener society. The students and teachers were excited to plant the trees, seeing it as a chance to enhance their learning environment and promote ecological awareness. They also realized that the trees would not only beautify their surroundings but also play a crucial role in soil preservation and environmental sustainability.

The community greatly appreciated the trees and community was eager to get involved, recognizing the long-term benefits of tree planting for both the environment and their personal well-being.


The distribution of trees done by RODI is one way to empower the society and motivate them to grow more trees which benefit the society and preserve the soil for generations to come.

The distribution of trees is more than just a one-time event; it represents RODIs commitment to empowering the society and encouraging continuous environmental stewardship. By providing trees and educating communities on their importance, RODI Kenya is fostering a culture of environmental responsibility that can be passed down through generations.

Teaching children how to grow trees also educates them from when they are young that they play a major role in ensuring they take care of the environment and help mitigate climate change. This initiative is a significant step towards a sustainable future, where the benefits of environmental stewardship are enjoyed by all.