About RODI

We promote human dignity among communities in Kenya and other Eastern Africa countries, through enhanced food security, health and crime prevention

About RODI Kenya

Resources Oriented Development Initiatives  (RODI) is a Kenyan development organization registered in 1999 as  a non-governmental organization (NGO). 

Our main thematic areas are:

  1. Food security and agroecology where we aim to encourage production and consumption of healthy and toxin free food
  2. Health and WASH where we aim to create a healthy disease-free society
  3. Social and legal justice where our main goal is to create and crime free and just environment
  4. Institutional development strengthening through conducting trainings, capacity building and networks

Our team consists of 34 staff and 38 volunteers.

Currently we work in 27 schools, 28 prisons, 84 community groups  22 police stations and 1 refugee camp in Kenya.

Areas of Operation

Our work is guided by the following 9 principles

  1. The inherent potential of each person  – Appreciate the potential in everyone to transform themselves to be useful and valued members of the community.
  2. Crime prevention focus – reaching out to work in situations where we contribute to crime prevention in Kenya and Eastern Africa.
  3. Resources oriented – emphasizing potential resources and opportunities rather than problems in any given situation to enhance self-reliance and sustainability.
  4. Rolling out capacity building – strengthen the abilities of people so that they gain self-esteem and also in turn strengthen others towards improved livelihoods.
  5. Learning and influencing with others – this involves learning, networking and collaborating with likeminded organizations and non-state actors in the interest of complementarities and mutual learning; towards influencing change and enhancing service delivery.
  6. Nature harmony – promoting natural resource management practices that are in harmony with nature.
  7. Gender mainstreaming – advocating for gender mainstreaming in all our work.Emerging issues – RODI monitors emerging issues and, as much as possible, responds to those in line with its work.
  8. RODI resilience – working towards being a resilient organization that is able to increasingly become self-sustaining through identification and mobilization of local resources.