Lack of adequate after care for women ex prisoners sometimes leads them to reoffending and isolation of them in the society. Recognizing this critical gap, RODI Kenya took proactive steps by organizing a trauma healing and psychosocial support seminar tailored specifically for women who had been incarcerated. The seminar aimed not only to empower these women but also to provide them with a platform to voice their experiences and be heard.


The seminar saw the onboarding of a counsellor who helped them identify their triggers and issues that led to them finding themselves prison. This therapeutic approach was essential in guiding the women towards self-reflection and healing, equipping them with tools to navigate the challenges they faced both during and after their time in prison.

Each woman was able to share their childhood experiences, the day of the incident that led them to prison, how they found their homes once they came back and what they have reflected on post release.

The seminar was to encourage the women that despite the previous challenges faced they have the capability to grow themselves and create better opportunities for them and their families.

This holistic approach aimed to break the cycle of recidivism by addressing root causes and empowering women with the skills and resilience needed to thrive beyond their past experiences.