Local resource mobilization is an ongoing initiative by RODI Kenya. This project aims at creating self-sustainability for communities. This is done through helping them identify and mobilize resources in order to build their community.

Recently, RODI Kenya conducted a meeting with the community leaders who serve as the ambassadors of  the community for the Local resource mobilization project . These leaders play a pivotal role in advocating for and implementing the project across schools, communities, and youth groups within their respective areas.

During the meeting, the ambassadors were extensively briefed on the importance of local resource mobilization and its profound benefits for community development. The session was interactive, designed not only to educate but also to encourage the leaders to take ownership of the projects. Emphasis was placed on imparting a thorough understanding of the conceptual norms and values associated with resource mobilization.

Furthermore, there were discussions on devising effective methods to engage other members of the community and expand the projects. This would create sustainability and inclusivity within the community.

The meeting provided insights from first hand experiences from activities conducted in their areas. They exchanged lessons learnt, challenges they encountered and how they overcame them.

Overall the session created new levels of understanding towards the resource mobilization projects and best practices that could be implemented.