Project for Enhancing Local Resource Mobilisation and Community Philanthropy

Implemented with initial technical and financial support from Open society Foundation in 2018 and in 2022 to date with Global
Fund for community Foundations (GFCF).

The project is based on the lessons learned during RODI resource mobilisation efforts for human rights work and the
need to engage local communities to take part in designing and exercising power in addressing their social and
human rights issues through local resource Mobilization.

The project aims at building a constituency of local resource providers for human rights work at the local level while
strengthening community philanthropy interventions towards contributing to institutional development and
strengthening as well as piloting strategic initiatives in community philanthropy for social and human rights work.

The project mainly focuses on:
1. Strengthening RODI capacity, systems and institutional culture in regard to community philanthropy and
local resource mobilization.

2. Community philanthropy interventions/initiatives to move the agenda of community philanthropy, shift
mindset and attitude change in community philanthropy as well as build trust, relationship and
accountability within community.

3. Supporting participatory resource mobilisation and community giving around implementation of
community development initiatives and addressing human rights issues.

4. Monitoring and documentation to share success stories and best practices on community philanthropy e/g.
successful models in community philanthropy and giving for change.

The initiative supports communities in re-construction of community philanthropy and building trust, relationship
and accountability in community giving. In addition, the initiative also helps community to strengthen communities
of practice in giving for change, understanding social and human rights issues and claiming their rights while
collaborating closely with the actors in the community philanthropy for learning and sharing working models and
good practices in community philanthropy.

RODI ensures that it responds to the needs and priorities of the community through engagement of target population
through participatory approaches in resource mapping, needs identification, intervention planning, implementation
and learning.

The project aims to achieve the following outcomes:
 Communities of practice build around community philanthropy and local resource mobilisation
 Community philanthropy ambassadors capacity strengthened for sustainability in giving for change and
 Enhanced community engagement and support in giving for change and development
 Community Development initiatives done with support of community giving
 organisational systems and structures in community philanthropy and local resource mobilisation
 Improved documentation and learning among communities of practice