How Maina Continues to Reap Big from Cattle Farming

How Maina continues to reap big from cattle farming


Mr. Maina was among the first members to join the 3 K Self Help Group. He started his farming journey with a bull which he bought at Kshs 15,000. He raised it for eight months and then sold it off at Kshs 30,000. With the money he got, he bought two more bulls at Kshs 13,000 each. He also had 13 Kienyeji chicken which he sold at Kshs 10,000. He then added Kshs 3,000 and bought another bull.

“I participated in an exchange and learning visit organized by RODI to Nyeri, where I learnt from farmers who were practicing mixed farming and I got to hear the benefits they were reporting. Some had sold off their livestock and constructed houses and others had bought cars. As such, I really saw the need to increase my livestock. So when I returned home, I bought a female cow at Kshs 12,000.” says Maina

In 2020, he continued to raise the four cows which provided him with manure which he used on his farm. He also sold off the extra manure and earned some money. In February 2021, he sold off all the four cows at Kshs 150,000. He used the earnings to buy a car to ease in transportation of napier grass for the next cows he will raise. In addition, he also cemented the floor of the cowshed.