Thematic Areas

Working towards being a resilient organization that is able to increasingly become self-sustaining through identification and mobilization of local resources.


Food Security and Agroecology

RODI interventions are designed to work with smallholder farmer groups to offer them additional capacity building and technical support in agro-ecological farming practices, agribusiness, agro-processing, value addition, marketing and marketing linkages.

Health and WASH

RODI has a Health, Hygiene, Sanitation and Gender program that targets inmates, learners and community members in penal institutions, police stations, schools, juvenile rehabilitation centres and community groups.

Prisoner Rehabilitation - RODI Kenya (176)

Social and Legal Justice

Since 1994, RODI has partnered with the Kenya Prisons Service in rehabilitation of prisoners across 35 prisons in Kenya. We use a Restorative Prisoner Rehabilitation Approach, which targets the prisoner, the community and the victim(s) to enhance reintegration and reduce the rate of reoffending.

Institutional Development and Strengthening

As we transition RODI Kenya into a financially sustainable organization with a strong organization structure and visible brand, we engage in institutional development and strengthening interventions through resource mobilization, partnerships and capacity building.

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