One of the coffee stems at Muchiri’s coffee farm in Gituamba, Gatundu North Sub County

“The price of coffee is very low and it’s sad that even though I am a coffee farmer, I cannot be able to afford processed coffee being sold at the local supermarkets. The only kind that I can afford is some cheap brand, which I feel is of a low quality and lacks flavor. Since I love to experiment, I normally hand-pick the best coffee berries, dry and crush them to remove the husk, and then roast them to make my black coffee.” said Edward Muchiri, a small scale coffee farmer and a member of 3K community group.

“I am very confident about my coffee especially when I compare the coffee that I roast at home and the rest that’s available in the market. Mine would definitely sell first because I make it myself and it is also organically grown coffee. Rather than spending money buying processed coffee, I make my own coffee and drink it at home with my family. At the moment, I only produce coffee for my own use but from October 2021, I will start to produce it at a larger scale and sell it.” adds Muchiri

“That’s the tastiest coffee I have ever drank yet. It’s so much better than even the coffee that I take in the office” Mbiri, RODI staff

“Even if you were to boil that coffee here, you will be able to smell the aroma of coffee from far and everyone will know that you are making coffee” Mburu, Coordinator 3K community group

“This is a viable business venture that you should consider, and whenever we have visitors coming here and they find the organic coffee that’s well processed and packaged, then you can definitely sell it to them. This is quite unique as not many farmers do the roasting of coffee themselves.” Nyaga, Deputy Director, RODI