Simon’s case is a typical example of  life in and out of prison and the stress and trauma prisoners go through while in prison and upon release. RODIs; restorative prisoner reintegration journey starts in prison, prisoners are taken through rehabilitation and upon release RODI accompanies them though the path of reintegration to provide additional training, technical support, start capital to start income generating activities as well as psychosocial support. read more.

Simon Mworia has spent about 21 years in jail. He was convicted with Robbery with violence, a crime he says, he never committed. He was sentenced to death but the sentence was later changed to life imprisonment. While in prison, RODI Kenya equipped him with various skills such as making of liquid multipurpose detergent, hair shampoo, bleach, among others upon which graduating with a National Industrial Training Authority(NITA)- RODI Certificate. Mid 2020, he was released from jail with great expectation to rebuild his life again. On arrival home, his happiness was cut short after learning that his brother was in remand for allegedly killing their father. Simon Mworia is slowly picking up the pieces. Early December 2020, RODI reached to Simon for reintegration support, with a start-up kit to start detergents making business, which will help Simon to rebuild his life.